Mark Bodo

Profile Updated: October 17, 2013
Residing In: Akron, OH USA
Spouse/Partner: None Divorced
Homepage (like Facebook, etc): none
Occupation: Driver for FedEx
Children: Two children a son Zach who is in Green and selling phones for Verizon in Norton shopping center if More…you need a phone! My daughter Challi is doing hair and doing an awesome job of it at Scott Talbot's in Green! Zach was born in 1989 and Challi was born in 1993. They are both my pride and joy! Both of them are very hard workers and doing great.
Current nickname if any?

The Icecream man


Still living in the Park and working out of Richfield Just working and playing around when I get a chance. Have been working for FedEx now since 1999 driving for them. I work alot of hours through the week so I'm more of a weekender. I have two motorcycles and ride when I get a chance and weather cooperates! I am involved at my church (Faith Family Church) ushering and serving whenever I can to the glory of the Lord!
I am a leader through church for a singles group of 40 to 60 year old and we do alot of fun things. Picnics dances cook outs and swim parties an bonfires. Kinda nice to hang out with other singles your age and not be at a bar! Still loving it hear in the Akron area! I'm taking care of my mother who is 83 now and living in assisted living since I am the only living relative here for her. My father passed away 2010 and my brother David is living in California.

School Story:

I went to Akron Zoo for a couple of years after Garfield then got into retail management until 1986. I then took a couple of sales classes and got into sales selling icecream. (No I didn't drive a jingle joe icecream truck in the summer) I sold icecream and noveltys to retail stores and store chains in Ohio, PA., and West Virginia. I did that until I got laid off twice from that so I started driving truck in 1990. That's what I'm still doing today. Driving for FedEx freight driving double trailers since 1999. I have went to school to get my CDL in 1990 and have been to a couple of other driver and driver training schools to better myself.

After high school I...

Continued my education
Started a family

Do you still have family around Akron?


High points of your life since high school?

Traveled all around the states and the Bahamas. I lived with Basil Ranier from 1980 or so then with Jeff Tokie and his brother Andy and in 1985 we all three got laid off and took a road trip from Ohio to Key West, Fla., accross the gulf coast to California up the west coast to La. Then through Las Vegas, stopped in Nebraska to see my brother in school. Then ended back in Firestone Park a month and a half later having driven over 10,000 miles what a trip.. Since then I've been on two Cruises and a Bahamas Island get away plus been to the ocean several times to Hilton Head the outer banks, Virginia Beach, Mertyle Beach, and up to Put in Bay and Presque Isle on Lake Erie also to Canada Niagra Falls. I found a really great church that has moved me to serve the Lord and live life for others instead of just for me. Now I have a church family also that is really cool to be close to others who treat and love everyone like we should!

Do you still have contact with or hang out with any classmates? Who?

Yeah still in touch with: Danny Belinsky, Wayne Gipson, Basil Ranier, Jeff Tokie, Shawn Sullivan, and a few others but not as close as these guys.

Travel much? Where have you been?

see High points ^ and I started driving truck in 1990 so between then and now I have driven and been in all of the 48 states and eastern Canada too. Plus on vacation most every year to somewhere warm where when I wake up the biggest choice is go to the beach or the pool first. With no news papers or new just sunshine and water to relax by in or scuba dive in..

What is your favorite place to go?

Warm hot and on the Beach !! Bahamas or St Thomas

What are your favorite foods?

A Good Steak marinated and cooked on the grill or open fire out back. Fire roasted vegetables from the garden with shrimp or chicken. A monster salad from fresh veggies from my garden. My homemade cucumber salad with chopped up garlic & onions with read wine vinegar with sour cream with a touch of sugar. Grilled Hungarian hot sausage on charcoal or wood fire out back. Fresh tomatoes from the garden thick sliced with red basil flowers and leaves chopped over them with a splash of red wine vinegar on it. Grilled chicken breasts cut up into cubes with a slice of hot pepper on each side of it with a slice of water chestnut on each side of that held together with a tooth pic and a splash of soy sauce on it. As you can tell I love good food and cooking good food fresh from the garden... and I am open to suggestions too.

What was your favorite cereal growing up?

I think Lucky Charms

What is/are your favorite TV shows?

Don't watchmuch TV

What was your favorite TV show growing up?

The Three Stooges

Best movie ever?

It's a mad mad world.

What kind of movies do you like?

Family films
Horror movies
Science fiction

What is the most awesome thing you have seen?

My two children being born! What an awesome thing to be part of and witness and help and watch them grow into themselves as young adults. Then I would have to be watching friends and family find the Lord and give all there problems over to him and how there lives change for the better.
Then my smiling face each day when I look in the mirror.. Like grandpa said if you wake up and you're not pushing up flowers it's a great day!!!!! Give thanks to God every day for what you have and it makes every day better and the things you don't have or lack aren't as important and won't rule your life.
The smile on someones face when you hug them and smile at them!

What did you always want to do that you haven’t done yet?

Own My Own Business. Work for Mark P Bodo I am believing soon that will be a reality not a wish!!

What is your favorite sound?

Waves on the Beach

What is your favorite smell?

Ocean or fresh air after a spring rain..

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This is a updated pic of me on my bike. I think it was from last summer (2008)